How a Cashoot buyback work?

Get a quote from us for your item, if you are happy to proceed you can find your closest Cashoot agent. The cashoot agent will test your item and then keep it safe for 28 days until you return to buy it back. Meanwhile we will send you the agreed amount of money via bank transfer, aiming to get it with you within 30 mins of dropping off your item.


In order to provide this service, Cashoot will charge a fee when you come to buy back or extend your item. This fee is the difference between how much we give you and how much it will cost you to buy your item back. This is clearly shown in the quote which you can get on our website.

Cashoot Agents

Our agents are typically electronic device and accessory shops around London. They will ensure your item matches your quote, carry out a few quick tests and store your item for the duration of the buyback. Please see our Agents page for full details such as address, contact details and opening times.

How does selling to Cashoot work?

Get a quote from us for your item, if you are happy to proceed you can find your closest Cashoot agent. The cashoot agent will test your device, please do not reset your device before you arrive as the agent will need to be able to get into the device to do a few checks. Once the device is confirmed by the agent, we will put the money in your account within 30 minutes of drop off.

Cashoot Agents

Our agents are typically electronic device and accessory shops around London. They will ensure your item matches your quote, carry out a few quick tests and store your item for the duration of the buyback. Please see our Agents page for full details such as address, contact details and opening times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Website

We currently accept a variety of smartphones and tablets, which we believe cover the most popular ones on the market. We hope to expand the number of items we will accept in the near future. Also, your item may not be eligible if the offer price falls below our minimum offer of £60.

If you are just wanting to sell your device and never see it again, we offer the ability to sell your device to us for a slightly higher amount than the buyback service. Outright selling your device would not give you the ability of getting your device back after 28 days which you would get under the buyback service. The price we offer for both is always our best price.”

Once you have received a quote and sent it to one of our Cashoot agents, you can take it their immediately or you have up to 7 days before that quote expires. If the 7 days passes, simply go back to the website and submit a new quote. If you need to change any details you will have to get a new quote.

The Service

Yes, you will need a valid (not expired) form of photo ID. We accept the following:

  • UK or EU Provisional or Full Driving Licence
  • UK or foreign Passport
  • EU National ID Card
  • Residency Card

You need to bring this ID with you when dropping off your device. The agent will record this ID by scanning or taking a photo which will be added to your Cashoot Account.

You only need to bring your ID the first time you do a transaction with us. This will then be recorded on your account for any future transactions. But to be safe, we would recommend always carrying 1 form of photo ID.

Buyback Service Only

Yes! We realise that sometimes you might run a few days late, that’s why we provide a 7-day late period on all items on top of the original 28 days. During this time, you can buy back or extend your item. However, after these 7 days, you will no longer be able to buy back or extend it. But we will send you an email to help remind you.

Unfortunately, once you have dropped it off and it is sealed in the tamper proof security bag the item can no longer be accessed. Please make sure that any sim cards or memory cards or important phone numbers have been taken before you drop it off.

Yes! We offer an early bird discount if you buy back your item within the first 7 days.

This works out to a discount of a third off or 33% discount off the normal fee.

If after 28 days you can’t buy back your item, you are able to extend your buyback for a further 28 days. The extendsion cost is the agreed fee set out in the start of the buyback.

For example: If we gave you £100, it would be £130 to buy back or £30 to extend.

If you don’t have enough to extend it after 28 days, you have 7 late days to extend it, but please bare in mind there is a small late fee for each late day.

Yes! Each customer can either sell 3 devices to us or have 3 active buybacks at one time.

The buyback period is 28 days plus 7 extra late days. If after these 35 days you have not bought back or extended your device we will have to sell it. All data will be securely wiped and any sim cards or SD cards left inside the device will be removed and destroyed.

We offer a service called Cashoot By Post that allows you to post your device to us if you wish, this works for both the buyback service and also the sell service.

Once we have received it, we will check it just as a Cashoot agent would and then pay the money into your account.

We recommend that you always post via Royal Mail Next Day Special delivery as this is tracked and insured.

The cost to post via this service is normal around £7-9. If you buy back your device, we will discount the buyback price by the original postage cost.

Please also ensure that you properly package your parcel using bubble wrap and a box where possible. Sending your device in its original box is a good way to keep it protected.

We will also post the device back to your home address via Royal Mail next day special delivery, tracked and insured.

If you send us a device and have incorrectly identified it, we may be able to still offer you a quote for a buyback, however in the event that we have to return the phone to you, we will not be responsible for postage costs where you have made a mistake or if you decide against using the service.

If you send us a device, please include your reference number and name. Please notify us on the day that you send it, either by calling or WhatsApping us 02085495200 or emailing us: so that we know to expect the delivery.

For any more questions regarding this service, please get in contact with us.


The 'International Mobile Equipment Identity' is a unique number for all cellular devices that helps identify the model and check the blacklist (lost, stolen, unpaid bill) status of the handset. You can find this number in the devices settings on the 'about' page or by dialling: *#06#

Our Cashoot agents will check all IMEI numbers on a database in the testing process when they are being dropped off, if the IMEI is blacklisted, the item will be returned to the customer and the transaction will not go ahead. If the item becomes blacklisted after Cashoot has paid the customer for the device, the device will be passed over to the Police who will investigate further and Cashoot will always prosecute in the event fraud has taken place.

Go to Settings > General > About and you should see the capacity in GB (gigabyte) normally it will be 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512GB. In some cases it will show a figure a little bit lower than the advertised GB. For example it may show 14.6GB this will be a 16GB capacity model. If you can not find it, always chose the lowest capacity on the Cashoot quote page. 9/10 mobiles sold will be with the standard (lowest) gb storage.

The handset you sold to us instantly becomes blocked/blacklisted and unusable. We will contact you to try and fix it. If you are unable to reverse the blacklisting, we will have to contact the police who will investigate the matter further.

In this case, if it is still within contract period, the network will block/blacklist the phone. This then becomes a police matter if you are unable to resolve the issue with us, by getting it un-blacklisted.

Technology moves very quickly and this means lots of shiny new models coming out all the time. When a new model comes out it pushes the price down of the previous models. Our prices need to reflect these changes. However, if you have registered and submitted a quote, the price is held for 7 days.

Buyback Service Only

Yes. All our agents have been chosen with security in mind. Also on top of that, we use specially designed tamperproof wallets. Your item will be placed inside one of these wallets and unique serial numbered tag is locked in place. This serial number will be written on your customer card. When you return you will be shown that the serial number on the tag is the same as on your customer card. Ensuring that your device has not been touched or tampered with during the buyback.


We pay by fast payment straight to your bank account. In most cases this arrives instantly after we have made the payment. We aim to make the payment within 30 minutes of you dropping off the device.

Our aim is to get the money in your bank account within 30 minutes. There are rare circumstances where the bank can delay payments, usually no more than 2 hours.

If the money is still not in your account after 2 hours, please check that you have provided us the correct bank details and get in Contact with us.

In order for Cashoot to pay you the offered price for your device we need to know your account number and sort code. These are securely stored, however, no individual is able to take money from your account using this information. Credit and debit card details are the numbers you need to worry about and we do not store these. So yes, it is safe.

We use verification software that tells us if the sort code and account number is a valid bank account, however it does not tell us who’s bank account it is. If we find that our software does not verify the bank account we will contact you to check if you have made a mistake. If you have given us bank details that are a genuine bank account but not your own, you may lose the money, so please always double check.

Buyback Service Only

If you would like someone else to collect your device once you have paid to buy it back, you will need to email us first with the full name of the person collecting it. We will then inform the agent of who will be collecting the device. They will then need to bring in some valid ID along with the original customer card that we gave you.

Android and Apple Activation Lock

On Apple devices this is called 'Find my iPhone/iPad' it is found in settings>icloud account>icloud. This is a security feature that prevents someone being able to reset and use your phone without inputting your Apple ID password.

With Android devices, this is usually the Google account but can also be the Samsung account for Samsung devices. If these are logged in and the phone is reset, the password is required to allow the phone to be used again.

These activation locks are usually automatically set up and turned on when a person sets up their phone for the first time. This makes your handset less attractive to would be thieves as it would be much harder to sell.

In the event you did not buy back your item and we did have to sell it, we would not be able to reset the device, if the activation lock was still on. If you do buyback your item, you can simply turn the activation lock back on for your security.

Click here to see how to turn off Apple (IOS) Find my iphone/ipad.

Click here to see how to turn remove Android’s Google and Samsung accounts.

Please ensure you have turned this off or removed the accounts before bringing your device to the drop off location. Our agents will check if it is turned off and if you are unable to turn it off, they will not be able to continue with the buyback.

In the event you have forgotten your password, you can click ‘forgot password’ and get a reset password link sent to your email address.

No. Please don't reset your device before bringing it to us. This does not clear the activation lock. A Cashoot agent will have to set up your device again to ensure it does not ask for the activation lock password. Remember, if you are dropping your device off on a buyback you do not need to reset the device if you plan on buying it back. But if you are just out right selling the device, once the checks have been done, you can ask for the device to be reset in front of you.