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Why Choose Our Cashoot Buyback Service?

Sometimes we need a little bit of extra cash to get us to the end of the month or help when an unexpected bill comes up. Our buyback service allows you to unlock cash within your mobile phone or tablet for up to 28 days and then buy it back when you are ready. You will be buying back your exact item, untouched, and with all your data still on it. Just as you left it.

Cashoot agents

Having lots of Cashoot agents dotted all over London (bear with us while we are expanding) means there should always be a near drop of location to you. Our agents have been specially selected for their knowledge of tech items as well as their ability to keep the items on buyback stored securely.

Tamperproof wallets

Whilst your item is with one of our agents, it's safety and security is our top priority, this is why we use specially designed tamperproof wallets that have unique serial numbered tags so that you have the peace of mind that your phone or tablet has been untouched and untampered with during the buyback period. Find out more.

Buyback vs Payday loan

Because a buyback is not a loan there are some great advantages:

100% acceptance rate
As long as you are over 18 and your phone or tablet is in good working order and listed on you are guaranteed to be accepted for our service.

No credit checks
Because we are not actually lending you anything, (you are selling and we are promising to hold it for a minimum of 28 days) we don’t need to run any credit checks on you. Ever. So, forget about credit scores, you will be able to get a buyback with Cashoot. 100%.

No automatic repayments
When borrowing money in the form of a payday loan you have to repay it no matter what. If you can't repay, you could face daily stressful phone calls, bank penalty fees, damage to credit score, spiralling debt and even a day in court.
With a Cashoot buyback, you don't have to repay anything if you don't want to. If your circumstances change and you can't buy back your item, you have the chance to extend it by just paying the agreed fee, giving you an extra 28 days. But even if you can't do that, we won't bother you or try to take any money from your bank account. We will simply go ahead and sell the item.